ACL Rehabilitation Phase 1

Phase I of post-surgery ACL rehabilitation starts immediately after your reconstruction surgery. Your therapist will recommend strength and mobility exercises that are very crucial to increase blood flow around the knee to boost healing, strengthen muscles, and increase range of motion.

ACL Rehabilitation Phase 2

ACL rehabilitation phase II is an intermediate postoperative physiotherapy course for recovery after ACL reconstruction surgery. ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure to repair or replace a torn or damaged ACL ligament in your knee to restore knee motion and stability.

ACL Rehabilitation Phase 3

By completing Phases I and II of your ACL rehabilitation, you will have built a base of strength and function, and your body is now prepared to regain much of your pre-rupture functionality, including power, endurance, flexibility, agility, reaction time, and more with phase III ACL rehabilitation. After completing phase III rehabilitation, you should be able to return to normal activities, such as walking, using stairs, and doing other jobs.